What is QuizWitz?

QuizWitz is a versatile quiz maker tool allowing quizzers to play; creatives to create; and hosts to host quizzes!

Forget correcting answer sheets and counting points; QuizWitz brings digital quizzing to you, either as a party game or as a full-fledged live quiz event tool. Meet with your players in venue or via live stream and give them the quiz of their lives.

What we believe

Respect the tradition

We respect the pub quiz tradition and make sure our software is compatible with most existing games. Our question types include multiple-choice -, open-, image-maps-, order and list-questions.

Focus on experience

With lightning-fast (human) evaluation we reduce ‘dead’ waiting times. Our design is polished and animated and is inviting to new (and younger) players. Fully integrated audio, video and midi support results in a truly tv-like experience.

Amplify your creativity

Our software is modular and modable, giving quiz makers an unseen freedom in implementing their own quiz games. Our round types are built with freedom of creator in mind, giving each quiz maker the ability to create their unique game.

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What we offer

Quiz maker for creators

Create quiz rounds using different question and round types. Or build a fully customizable Full Quiz!

Digital quizzing

Play any shared quiz on our platform with friends, family, colleagues, … Grab a smart device, connect via the web and show off how much you know.

Share & enjoy

Collect and share quiz rounds from around the world, or share your own! Connect with other quiz aficionados.

Start creating

Are you ready to host your first QuizWitz event?

QuizWitz is your tool to bring family, friends, colleagues and customers together in an exciting battle of wits.
Use QuizWitz in a variety of ways. We’re here to help you find ideas.

Family quiz evening

A screenshot of the start screen of QuizWitz

Play QuizWitz with friends and family for a fun evening filled with trivia questions. Get together or meet up online, agree on which topic to play and connect your smartphones and tablets. You’re ready!

Pub quiz event


Organize any live quiz event. A pub quiz perhaps? Or spice up your presence at a convention or business event. We’ve got you covered in any situation.



Organize a teambuilding event to bring your colleagues together, both via livestream and at the office, or at a fine restaurant perhaps? Enjoy a fun quiz game and test each other’s knowledge.

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No time to create a full quiz yourself?

In our shop, you can purchase your ready-to-play QuizWitz PRO quizzes. Just focus on your event and presentation skills. We’ve got you covered! Check out our QuizWitz shop for more information.

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QuizWitz by CatLab Interactive

QuizWitz is a project by CatLab Interactive. We’re a Belgian game studio focusing on web applications and games. Our projects aim to bring people together in a modern way and without barriers.

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