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QuizWitz is an online platform to create and host (pub)quizzes.
QuizWitz turns any smartdevice into game buzzers and answer sheets.
The time of collecting answer sheets is over.

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What is QuizWitz?

  • Answer questions with your smartphone or tablet
  • Enjoy a competitive party quiz game
  • Play with up to 1.000 players
  • Create and share your own quizzes and rounds with other quiz enthusiasts
  • Use our tools like the Quizmaster App to help you host a smooth live quiz
  • Organize your own quiz events as a teambuilding, fundraiser, …
  • Register online for free!
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In our shop, you can purchase your ready-to-play QuizWitz PRO quizzes. Just focus on your event and presentation skills. We've got you covered! And even better: first one is free!

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QuizWitz Live Tutorial

QuizWitz Live is our presentation tool that puts the whole game control in the quizmasters hands.
Check out our interactive tutorial to learn how that works.

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What we offer


Create a fully customizable quiz using different question and round types.


Play any shared quiz on our platform with friends, family, colleagues, … Grab a smart device, connect via the web and show off how much you know!


Collect and share quiz rounds from around the world, or share your own! Connect with other quiz aficionados.

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